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As a proud member of Enerquality and the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes program, Wynford Homes is committed to ensuring the highest in efficiency levels by using ENERGY STAR® rated materials, proven techniques and products. Using energy efficient components in new home construction means monthly energy savings for homeowners of up to 20% when compared to homes built to the Ontario Building Code. All while improving performance and quality.


Each home is designed and built to include many energy efficient components of the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes guidelines, such as   Air-tight construction, which ensures that all holes and cracks are sealed, upgraded Insulation and improved Ventilation, ENERGY STAR® rated windows, doors, skylights, furnace, air conditioning, tankless hot water system and appliances, just to name a few.


Performance-tested and certified by verified 3rd-party evaluators. Backed by the Government of Canada, an ENERGY STAR® labelled home is your proof of energy efficiency all while reducing your carbon footprint. The result is cleaner healthier air, and improved temperature control and comfort.


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